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Winter Yard Clean-Up

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With winter coming, it’s time to take a look at your yard. Fall cleanup is imperative now if you want a smooth transition come spring in Gadsden. Here’s some of the things that we can do for fall yard cleanup in preparation for winter.

Mow One Last Time

We will trim your grass to about 1 1/4 inches, as disease has a harder time with shorter grass, points out This Old House. Also, fallen leaves blow across the lawn easier because they don’t get caught up on anything. By mowing one more time, we’re making way for sunlight to get closer to the soil and thus roots for a better chance at revival in the spring in Gadsden.

Clean Up Dead Leaves

Raking up or mowing up your dead leaves is important before the colder weather hits. But if you don’t have a back yard to throw them into, where can you put them? It’s a waste to just throw them out. Instead, compost them for rich nutrients for your garden.

Trim Trees and Bushes

Pruning dead branches not only improves your trees’ aesthetics but boosts their health too. Dead limbs can more easily become disease-ridden, plus there’s the risk of them falling onto your home or even a person below. We will trim plants to the ground so as to boost root growth which will help them survive the winter.

Clean Out the Garden

Because decomposing fruits and vegetables lure insects and promote disease, it’s important to have you garden cleaned in the fall so you have a healthy one come spring. We will inspect plants for signs of disease and throw clippings away rather than put them in the compost bin. That’s because sick plants can spread their diseases very quickly.

Pressure Washing

We wash away the old and make your driveways, walkways and any other surfaces you might need cleaned look new again.

Clean Out The Gutters

This is essential if you’re going to avoid clogging of your gutters with leaves, acorns and twigs. You want to ensure a smooth flow of water, especially when the rains of fall come. While you’re at it, make sure your downspouts are pointed well away from the house so no water pools at the foundation. This can cause flooding in your basement.

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