Flowers and Plants

We can help you choose the perfect seasonal colors for your garden. We specialize in all types of plants and flowers, from annual and perennial to biennial and woody plants. Not only will we help you decide on the right plants for your garden, we will maintain them throughout all seasons. Seasonal color can offer a meaningful and welcoming atmosphere for the entrance of your home, business, pool, gardens, terraces and rooftops. But not just any flowers and plants will do. You need to choose ones that work well in Alabama’s climate. In addition to weather, the plants you select must be able to thrive with the amount of sun they will get depending on their location in your yard. For example, east-facing plants and west-facing plants receive sun at different times of day; therefore, the ones you choose must account for this factor. This will vary by neighborhood to neighborhood and even house to house. You also want to choose flowers and plants that can survive the heat indicative of Alabama, such as:

  • Climbing roses
  • Dogwood
  • French hydrangea
  • Magnolia
  • Camellia
  • American Wisteria
  • Carolina Yellow Jessamine
  • Crested Iris
  • Hyacinths
  • Geraniums
  • Violets

We can help you choose flowers and plants that flourish in Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia.


Shrubs and Bushes

Shrubs and bushes provide greenery and filler for your landscape, taking a pivotal role in the health and appearance of your yard. In addition, landscape shrubs can be utilized to add character or privacy to your landscaping. For example, evergreens prove to be beautiful yet effective privacy shrubs, including holly, ligustrum and nandina. Flowering shrubs add color to your yard, and can include hydrangea and Viburnum flowering shrubs. Whether you choose Dwarf shrubs or higher privacy hedges, we can help you make a smart decision. Climate is a big factor in selecting shrubs and bushes. Alabama, with its even mix of plentiful rainfall and sunshine, makes it ideal for many kinds of decorative trees and shrubs, such as:

  • Autumn Cherry
  • Grancy Greybeard
  • Oakleaf hydrangea
  • Evergreen (can withstand high temperatures)
  • Figs (common and San Pedro)
  • Japanese plumbs
  • Pears (European or dessert, Asian and hard)
  • Peach and nectarine

If you choose a fruit tree, you get the bonus of being able to pick the fruit when ripe and incorporating it into your homemade dishes.

Bushes and Shrubs

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