Advantages of a Sod Yard

While sod does cost more than grass seed initially, rolls of pre-grown grass offer benefits that go far beyond initial cost to deliver a finished product designed to last season after season. One of the best benefits of sod is that it’s instant, turning a bare patch of ground into a grass-covered lawn as soon as installation is done. Compare that to a seeded lawn that requires several weeks before you see any results. Plus, a seed-planted lawn will be covered with straw to protect the seeds, which leaves your yard looking unsightly.

Sod also requires less maintenance than seed, once installation is done. At first, it will need regular watering so it stays moist until firmly established. But after that, sod doesn’t dry out as fast as a grass-seeded lawn will, which needs to be watered up to four or more times per day. The less frequent irrigation demands for sod will save you money on water and time. A sodded yard is ready to use more quickly than a seeded lawn, plus you don’t have to worry about seeds blowing away in the wind or with a heavy rain. Sod is a thick mat of established grass, so it covers the soil completely, and thus keeps it in place.

Zoysia Sod

Benefits of Mulch in Your Yard

We also provide mulch delivery and installation. There are many advantages to adding mulch to your landscape as well. We believe mulching is one of the best things you can do for your garden, as it acts as a protective barrier for your plants and bare soil. Not only does it control weeds and retain moisture, it prevents soil erosion and maintains soil nutrients. It even controls pests. Certain mulch types such as cedar bark can discourage certain pests thanks to its natural oils acting as insect repellent. And lastly, using organic material for mulching can bring earthworms to your garden soil, which is advantageous in improving soil structure and nutrient cycling.

Not sure if you need sod installation, mulch installation or both? Our professionals can help you decide. Plus, we’ll inform you of the best type for each that will thrive in your landscape.

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